If you live in a residence hall, you must chose a meal plan. The cost of your meal plan is included in your Room and Board Contract along with your housing charges.

The University will provide you with a student ID card. When you make a food purchase at any campus dining location, the cashier simply scans your student ID card. The meal used, or the purchase amount is deducted from your account balance.

You have four meal plan choices. One meal plan offers all the meals served in a week. The other three plans are structured to offer a combination of debit account spending along with a specified number of meals for a semester. Choose a meal plan based on your desired eating habits and academic schedule.

The cashier can scan your student ID card to find out how many meals you have left for the week or semester.

You may ask the cashier to scan your student ID card to find out your debit account balance at any Dining Services location.

If the meal plan you initially chose is not the one you want, you may change your meal plan once during each semester.

Yes, If you are enrolled in one of the Block Plans. however, you must accompany your guest. You can not lend your student ID card to anyone, including your guest. This is not Valid on the 19 meal plan.

You can transfer any unused meals into Laker Bucks and/or unused Laker Bucks into meals anytime during the semester if you are enrolled in the Block Plans. This is not Vaild for the 19 meal plan.